Air Duct Cleaning - San Diego, CA

When it comes to the cleaning of air ducts, you should know that more is not always better. In other words, it is not good to over clean air ducts. At Tulip Cleaning Services, we recommend that you are certain your air ducts really do require a cleaning, before hiring a cleaning company.

Why Should You Clean Your Air Duct

Our air duct cleaning experts will be happy to come and look at your air ducts for you - free of charge - to help you make that decision and see if you really do need to clean your air ducts.

However, what you should know is that any ventilation or air conditioning system that you do have in your home or office is probably used quite frequently and thus over time can collect various contaminants like mold, fungus, and bacteria. After some time, these need to be thoroughly cleansed and purged, and it is at that point that the experts be contacted.

San Diego Air Duct CleaningInitially you probably will not even notice such a buildup. Nevertheless, what you will notice is how much more effective your air ducts are after they have been serviced and cleaned by our air duct cleaning service. Your air conditioning and ventilation systems will function a lot more efficiently.

Air Ducts Cleaning Techniques

The method used by our technicians for air duct cleaning is a very healthy and environmentally friendly one too. Any contaminants that are collected from the ducts will be brought outside the premises and sent to an authorized dumping site.

We collect the contaminants through the grill back to the main unit. So ensure the cleanliness and efficiency of your units by contacting San Diego Carpet Cleaning at 858-437-9300 for a free estimate today.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning is a must these days as lint starts after a short time to clog the air vent and with the dry air the drum pushes out it may lit up and cause a fire.Please refrain from turning your dryer on and leaving your home as it may cause a fire,regularly cleaning your dryer vent with a professional will also keep your dryer working better and not straining.

There are about 15,600 fires caused every year in the US because of dryers not taking care of do not just put aside this advice as it may be crucial to your every day life.

We also recommend installing a S.A.F.E system on your dryer S.A.F.E means sensor activated fire extinguisher as to keep you family safe because even the smallest lint can catch fire.