Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

We offer a wide range of professional carpet cleaning services to match any of your needs our technicians are well trained and experienced in the following areas of expertise:

Removing stains and spots

Your carpets are prone to a wide array of stains and spots ranging from food stains to mud spots, and much more, our workers have the necessary tools and experience to check out the chemical composition of spots and stains, and decide what is the best solution for the stain type, and carpet fabric.

Odor removal service

Harsh odors seem to attack us the moment we get in our house of office, either you have a pet or small children, both have a tendency to attach unpleasant odors to your carpets. Our odor removal service is dedicated to those hard to abolish scents. We have the capabilities to inject an odor neutralizing enzyme, which cancels the odor effect of even the hardest smells.

Carpet repair service

There are many ways in which your carpet can have continuous damage and will need our carpet repair service, we have seen carpets damaged by unprofessional steam cleaning, sliding heavy bulky furniture repeatedly on it, and even stains which are almost impossible to remove. Our service is dedicated to bringing your carpet to top notch condition, if possible we will treat your carpet at your own house with all the strength of our machines and products, but in special cases we shall take the carpet back to our office and give it professional extra care and deliver it back to you in no time.

Eco-friendly carpet cleaning service

Taking extra care to the environment of your house is super important, Eco friendly carpet cleaning is crucial to people raising small infants or pets and of course people suffering from Asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems. Eco-friendly products and cleaning methods benefit all of the above.Tulip Carpet Cleaning of San Diego cares about the environment and do not use toxic or polluting substances in order to become a leading force and example to lesser carpet cleaning service providers.

Carpet cleaning methods

Here is a breakdown of our main carpet cleaning methods

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning has been proven as the most efficient method to carpet cleaning, steam cleaning is based on heat and is very useful in breaking soil bonds and disinfecting without using chemicals, thanks to the high heat levels which are achieved in this process.

Steam Cleaning is preferred in hypoallergenic environments as it contributes to better indoor air quality, and is very useful in elimination bad odors.

Top Quality Shampoo Cleaning

Using top quality shampoo will ensure your carpet will not be harmed in the process, our experts will choose the right shampoo for your fabric, and then use a very high stable foam compound, then spray it on your carpet and let it attract the soil and dirt to it ,after awhile depending on the dirt level ,will vacuum your carpet and the outcome will astonish you.

Absorbent Dry Compound

This method includes an absorbent dry compound which is introduced in the carpet by a mechanical brush, the compound consists of small amounts of water and detergent, its greatest advantage is that the carpet is left dry and no moisture is produced in the process.

The compound attracts the soil and vacuuming has to be done before and after for great results, this type of carpet cleaning method is preferable when in need for quick results as no drying time is needed.

Carpet Deodorizing

Everyday life can leave your carpets smelling not so good. People who smoke in their house or keep pets indoors and even cooking can lead your carpets to emit an unpleasant odor. Carpet deodorizer will leave your carpet smelling fresh and healthy, our technicians are trained for recognizing and neutralizing all types of odors.

Dry foam cleaning

In this procedure we are able to clean large areas quickly, and leaving no residue. Our super efficient dry foam cleaning machines are apt to resolve any carpet cleaning problem that will occur. The process is achieved with a rotary brush that involves water and air, a powerful compressor is used to convert the solution into foam, and then spray it on the carpet, simultaneously the brush absorbs the solution into the hard to reach places among the carpet fabric.

Bonnet carpet cleaning

This method starts with vacuuming the carpets ,then we will apply our exclusive cleaning solution and let it absorb for a few minutes, then we will use special buffing machines with customized pads made for carpet cleaning, we will do this several times to make sure whole the dirt is out, finally we shell use a carpet groomer. Grooming the carpet will help it to dry and to extract residue.

With Tulip Carpet Cleaning of San Diego highest technological cleaning methods, we have found that any carpet - no matter what state it is in when we find it - can be restored to a new and fresh state.
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Testimonials & Reviews
Jim Powers
Best cleaning and detailed service I have ever had. A++ equipment and Technician. Dried in 8 hrs. As promised!
Diana Rogers
The two young men were polite and courteous. The (old) carpet looks much cleaner than it was. Also, it went fairly quickly. It took quite a while to dry completely though. Overall, I am happy with the experience.
Tracy Washington
I loved the results of my carpet cleaning service! I had been neglecting my carpet and had not had it professionally cleaned in several years. After your agent cleaned the carpet it was beautiful again. I am very happy with the service.
John Byrne
We were very happy with the job that was performed on our carpets. They were professional and everything smelled really good afterward. Their price was much more reasonable and they take care of new customers!
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