Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not absolutely satisfied with the cleanliness of your environment after our staff has completed their work.

Tulip Cleaning Services will return until you are well satisfied. Our satisfaction guarantee makes sure our customers are always content with the outcome of our great service. This method has kept us a leading factor in the carpet cleaning industry in San Diego for over a decade.

It makes such a difference when you make an investment in your physical space. When you contact experts for carpet cleaning, wood floor cleaning or upholstery cleaning. You will see just how much cleaner your environment can be. And how much better that makes you feel as a result.

Our services will only be given when it is absolutely necessary. For example, air ducts only require cleaning 3-5 years so we will not send out our staff or make charges unnecessarily.

Our services are given immediately and at an hour and day best suited for our clients. We assume your leading a busy life and scheduling is known problem so our technicians are very flexible in their working hours and re-schedule if needed.

Tulip Cleaning Services aims for satisfied customers on all levels and our best witness of that is returning customers. So call us at 858-437-9300 for a free estimate today and look forward to sitting in the cleanest environment you have ever enjoyed!

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