Carpet Cleaning Tips

Professional carpet cleaning is the best way to ensure that carpets are thoroughly cleaned, look their best and last longer. While you can do it yourself as well, there are times when you might spoil your carpet experimenting with different solutions or come across a stubborn stain that is almost indelible for your amateur skills. Professional carpet cleaners are what you need then.

However what you can do is keep the carpets clean for as long as possible. We share few tips with you to help you maintain your carpets well.

  • Clean up the spill immediately. There are more chances of not leaving a stain if the spill is quickly soaked up and cleaned. Untreated stains can cause permanent damage to the carpets.

  • Clean spill area with a damp cloth after blotting spill.

  • Do not try to scrub clean the area, since you are pushing fluid deeper into the carpet fibers.

  • Try to clean it with club soda and vinegar.

  • Leave a clean cloth on stain and put weight over it so that the stain is completely absorbed. The cloth can be left overnight so as to facilitate maximum absorption.

  • Use a wet vacuum to extract remaining liquid. A standard vacuum can cause more damage.

  • Pet urine spots require a special enzyme based cleaning solution. This is available in local janitorial shops. These cleaning products are effective against pet carpet stains and carpet odors. Nevertheless, professional carpet cleaning is best for removal of pet stains, hair and odors from carpets.

  • If you have wax spots on your carpets, you would need iron and a clean paper towel for removing it. Spread the towel over the wax spot and iron it with a hot iron. The heat from the iron would melt the wax and the towel would absorb it. This process has to be repeated until the wax spot is removed completely.

  • Do not try to remove make up stains with water, this would only make matters worse. Stains of lipstick or foundation would require an enzyme based cleaner.

  • Red wine, sauces, chocolate and soups are main stain causing products in a party. It is wise to keep a multipurpose stain remover at hand so that you can get at that stain quickly before you call in for professional help once the party is over.

Keep in mind these tips and ensure that your carpets last longer and stay clean for long periods. Get in touch with Tulip Cleaning Services once things go beyond your maintenance skills.