Carpet Cleaning Mistakes Continue

As a service to carpet owners everywhere, Tulip Cleaning Services would like to take this opportunity to clear up some of the confusion and misinformation about rug cleaning and carpet cleaning.

This is the second article in the series.

Mistake 5 - Steam cleaning will shrink or damage my carpet

Fact - Professional carpet steam cleaning conducted by a reputable carpet cleaning service, such as Tulip Cleaning Services, will not harm your carpet because these professionals keep their equipment in good shape and have hundreds of hours of experience cleaning carpets. That said, inexperienced DIY-ers may do more damage than good. Using a poorly serviced machine, the wrong type of cleaning solution or improper methodology can lead to disastrous results.

Mistake 6 - You'll know when it's time to clean your carpet by how it looks

Fact - This is, perhaps, one of the most prevalent carpet care myths. Home carpet cleaning is meant to take care of dirt that is trapped way down in the depths of your carpet, embedded at the very base. This type of dirt, as opposed to surface dirt (which responds well to vacuuming) or carpet stains (which need specialized treatment) builds up over time and is invisible to the naked eye. If your carpet is installed in a high traffic area, if you have indoor pets or live with children or the elderly, have a residential cleaning service evaluate your carpet every two years or so. Otherwise, have your carpet cleaned every three years.

Mistake 7 - Deodorizing powders are a good way to deal with odorous carpets

Fact - These over the counter powders often succeed in masking a smelly problem, providing some degree of temporary relief. After repeated use, however, these powders buildup in your carpet, creating other problems, such as carpet streaking.

Mistake 8 - Dry carpet cleaning, steam cleaning and carpet shampooing all lead to similar results

Fact - Nothing could be farther from the truth. Of the three, carpet shampooing has been found to be the least effective and most potentially damaging. This method uses harsh detergents that are applied, allowed to dry and then vacuumed off. Unfortunately, it is near impossible to effectively remove all of the product, and the end result can easily be a dull, gummy carpet that attracts soil. Dry cleaning methods use harsh toxic chemicals to clean carpets. In addition, the method most often used - bonnet cleaning - does not address the problem of dirt trapped beneath the surface of the carpet. Steam cleaning, the preferred method recommended by most carpet manufacturers, removes all dirt and also eliminates stains and odors.

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