Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

As a service to carpet owners everywhere, Tulip Cleaning Services would like to take this opportunity to clear up some of the confusion and misinformation about rug cleaning and carpet cleaning.

Mistake 1 - Carpet should be cleaned every two years

Fact - While it is true that most major carpet manufacturers recommend using the services of a professional carpet cleaning service every eighteen to twenty four months, this recommendation is merely a guideline. If your household includes house pets, small children or the elderly, or if you own a business with heavy foot traffic, you will need more frequent commercial or home carpet cleaning. Carpets installed in rooms that are closed, or infrequently used, may not need cleaning for up to three years.

Mistake 2 - After carpet steam cleaning your carpet will get dirty again quicker

Fact - Steam cleaning is actually the most effective way to clean and deodorize practically any carpet. Also known as 'extraction', this method flushes out dirt and grime from the very depths of any carpet. When properly done, powerful suction removes all traces of dirt, water and any byproducts of the cleaning process, leaving a clean, fresh carpet. Other, less efficient carpet cleaning methods such as carpet shampooing, for example, have been found to actually exacerbate the problem.

Mistake 3 - Vacuuming too much can harm my carpet

Fact - Vacuuming properly, with well serviced equipment, will not harm your carpet. In most cases, when it comes to vacuuming, the more the better. Tulip Cleaning Services would like to point out, however, that every carpet is different. Some lower quality carpets may, in fact, respond poorly to overzealous vacuuming.

Mistake 4 - Home-made remedies for carpet stains will not harm my carpet

Fact - Baking soda, white wine, laundry detergent and club soda are just a few of the ingredients you might find in common home remedies for removing carpet and upholstery stains. While most of these won't harm the fabric or fiber of your carpet/upholstery, don't take chances. Be sure to spot-test all cleaning solutions - homemade or store-bought - before applying it to your carpet.

Whether you're in need of residential carpet cleaning, oriental carpet cleaning, carpet stain removal, pet odor removal, or have any other home or carpet cleaning issue, call Tulip Cleaning Services for a free estimate today.