Customer's Testimonials

Rating: 5
"...Thanks for the quick response..."

"Spring Cleaning time is my favorite time of the year and you guys made it even better. Thanks you Tulip Cleaning Services for the quick response and for making an effort not to harm my furniture while you were moving them. A special thanks to John and Adam that were so tolerant with all my requests!"

Rating: 5
"...The outcome was truly unbelievable..."

"I never realized my carpets were so dirty until I saw them after Tulip Cleaning Services cleaned them. The outcome was truly unbelievable. The technician explained about the benefits of cleaning my carpets once a year and gave me some free cleaning products. Thanks alot!"

Rating: 4.9
"...and say how pleased I was with your rug cleaning service..."

"I'd like to go on record and say how pleased I was with your rug cleaning service. Tulip Cleaning Services came to pick up the rug a day after I called, and brought it back in top notch condition after only two days, that's what I call service."

Rating: 4.6
"They gave a fair, reasonable price..."

"I tried four carpet cleaning companies that gave me outrages estimates about cleaning my carpets before I called Tulip Cleaning Services. They gave a fair, reasonable price, and I swear when they were done I was so pleased with the outcome I would have paid double."

Rating: 4.9
"Our love seat looks brand new!"

"Our love seat looks brand new! Thanks a lot Tulip Cleaning Services and especially the receptionist that took our order!"

Rating: 4.8
"Thank you and keep up the good work"

"I've been working as a real estate agent for the last 5 years, sometimes I just can't believe how dirty people leave their houses, and expect me to get a high price for them, always my first advice is to hire a professional carpet cleaner and then I recommend Tulip Cleaning Services, I worked with all the great names and none came through every time as you! thank you and keep up the good work."

Rating: 5
"Unbelievable results!"

"Unbelievable results! Thank you Tulip Cleaning Services!"

Rating: 5
"He was absolutely amazing..."

"I would like to give a special thanks to your very polite young worker. He was so patient with all my questions and didn't give up even on the hardest stain I had - a coffee stain from years ago. He was absolutely amazing. Tulip Cleaning Services = Great service!"

Rating: 4.9
"My flat looks brand new, my wife is happy..."

"Me and the wife live at a twin tower and while returning from a day's work I sow the neighbors flat being vacuumed and cleaned. I gave a peek at the door and sow two uniformed men working hard. One on the upholstery of the couch and the other on the floor carpet. I talked to my neighbor and he said Tulip Cleaning Services are the best in the market. I'm glad I took his advice. My flat looks brand new, my wife is happy and also I've seen the other neighbors looking jealously :) THANKS!!"